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Why I may be right for you


I offer coaching for anyone who has reached a crossroads and doesn’t know which way next.

If you are Asperger’s you may struggle to achieve your potential in life, in your career, and in your relationships. My step-by-step coaching plans help you to harness your powers, break down barriers, and achieve success. I’ve been there and done it. Let me steer you in the same way.

I have a specialisation in neurodiversity. I am Aspergers and can demonstrate how you can use this condition to your advantage to achieve what you want in life.

Let me steer you in the same way. I offer regular guidance for you in different formats to suit your needs. We can talk, email, message, meet. Whatever works for you. I’m not a psychiatrist or a counsellor; I won’t go over your childhood and find the reasons for who you are. I’m here to get you motivated and moving towards your real goals.

And because we both need to know that we’re right for each other, I offer a free initial discovery session. You have nothing to lose.

My Story


I've had a long and successful career, reaching the heights of the tech industry. I'm now an in-demand inspirational speaker and life coach. I also run a popular podcast.

I am happily married, with a family and have the work/life balance that I always wanted.